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Having a Former Prosecutor Could Help Your Case

Having a Former Prosecutor Could Help Your Case

When you have to appear in court, you will not only be appearing before a judge, but also a prosecutor. They will be representing the city or state against you. Having an attorney on your side who is a former prosecutor can be beneficial. It is an experience that not all attorneys have and one that gives valuable insight into cases. There are many reasons they can help you, these are just a few:

Tricks of the Trade

As a former prosecutor, they will have personal experience that speaks to methods being used against you. They will know how best to handle your case since they will understand how the case against you is being put together. A deep knowledge of the law and how your case will be put together can form a clear advantage. And any time you are in a court, every advantage you can have is a necessary one. Prosecutors learn from other prosecutors, and from judges, about different ways to work around different facets of a case. A former prosecutor will not only know these little tricks but what will work against them. This can put you a step ahead.


Prosecutors develop relationships with judges and other prosecutors. This may come in handy during your trial, especially if you case could benefit from a plea agreement or negotiation. Your attorney’s experience with the opposition will also give them insight into their contestant’s weaknesses and strengths. They may have habits that will prove a maneuverable obstacle. This insight can be like having the inside track. It also gives them the ability to extract information from the prosecutor and those around them that might give a view that isn’t normally available. This can be the difference between knowing you are going to win a case or that you need to take a plea deal. It can also mean knowing how someone is going to act against a certain tactic or a weakness to take advantage of.


Being a prosecutor is a unique experience for an attorney. This is an asset that other attorneys you are researching may not have. And it is one that can work for you. Not only can it offer insight into possible outcomes or possible tactics, it can offer insight into tactics that should have been used and weren’t. Knowing there are also methods that could have been used to win a case that might not have been implemented. These are all things that come with the experience a prosecutor gains. They have seen a lot of different ways to win or lose a case and can choose one that will work for you. There are also some that may have failed that they can tweak into a win, for your case specifically. These are all tools that your attorney can use to help your case become stronger.

Seeing All The Angles

Having experience as a former prosecutor means that your attorney is able to approach your case from all sides. They will be able to look at it as the prosecutors will and build a case that can work around that. There is also the possibility that they will understand the judge seeing your case and understand their view of the details. All of these are important factors in winning your case. Once everything is put together, your case will be stronger and harder to crack open. That is something that a former prosecutor can give you that attorneys lacking that experience cannot.

Defense Attorney John L. Calcagni Can Help

Having a former prosecutor working for you can be a great advantage. All their experience and knowledge can be just what you need to cross the finish line first. They will have great ideas to fortify your case and if they are thrown any curve balls, they will know how to respond and what action to counteract with. In some cases, this can be the difference between winning and losing a case. This isn’t an asset that you want to do without. When your future is on the line, you want to be able to say that you did everything you could and had every possible advantage for your legal defense.

Make sure that you have every resource that you can. You will want to find an attorney who is a former prosecutor and who has a very intricate understanding of the law. Knowing that someone with these skills is fighting for you can not only make you feel a bit more at ease, but it can be the asset that wins your case. The sooner you start, the better your defense will be.