This result essentially saved my military career

I am an active duty army recruiter. I received a GOMOR for the alleged sexual assault of my supervisor’s wife. Prior to this incident I had never been accused of doing anything wrong while in the Army.

I knew that if the GOMOR I had received were filed in my OMPF I would not be allowed to reenlist and may even be separated from service. Everyone knows that a GOMOR is a “career killer” in that it bars you from attending certain schools and receiving competitive career opportunities. I retained the services of Attorney John Calcagni to help me in this situation. He masterfully rebutted and responded to my GOMOR.

Attorney Calcagni explained to me the importance of submitting a thoughtful and thorough rebuttal. The General after carefully considering the GOMOR allegations and rebuttal ultimately decided to file it in my local personnel file instead of my OMPF. I wholeheartedly believe his decision was made because of the valid arguments Attorney Calcagni raised in my rebuttal.

This result essentially saved my military career. For months I worried about what I would do if I lost my career in which I have invested 8 years. I also worried about how I would provide for my family to include my wife and daughter. I am inexpressibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of Attorney Calcagni his law firm and its staff. I highly recommend him to anyone especially military service members who may be in need of legal representation.