John delivered results

I was recently charged with Heroin Trafficking after the police discovered a quantity of heroin hidden inside a stuffed animal located in the attic of the three-family home where I live with my family on the second floor.

The police came to my house with a warrant after a confidential informant told them he purchased heroin from me inside my home. When the police came I was present in my apartment with my wife three young daughters and dog. The police were loud obnoxious rude and disrespectful to my family. When they came in they discovered marijuana in my kitchen which they seized. They also found and seized our savings of money in the amount of several thousand dollars that my wife and I compiled for bills and holiday shopping. After not discovering any heroin inside my apartment the police went up two flights of stairs into a locked attic and tossed everything in sight. They claimed to have found a quantity of marijuana hidden inside a hole in the wall and quantity of heroin hidden inside a stuffed animal discovered in a large plastic bin with many other stuffed animals. This attic was considered common area in the three-family dwelling available to all current tenants and was similarly available to former tenants.

Years before my family and I moved into this house it was raided for drugs to include heroin. The police tried to pin the discovered heroin on me. They arrested me in front of my family and charged me with heroin trafficking and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Because I have a past criminal record for dealing drugs I could not afford another drug conviction or jail time away from my family. I needed a lawyer who would go to battle on my behalf and get results. My brother recommended Attorney John L. Calcagni. John represented my brother in the past on a drug case and had the matter dismissed after winning a suppression hearing. Because John came so highly recommended I trusted my brother’s judgment and hired him. John Calcagni was every bit the lawyer my brother said he was and more. John understood my family and financial situation. He was sensitive to the fact I had three small children needed make payments toward our agreed upon legal fees and was struggling to support my family.

It took time but John delivered results. He took on the police and prosecution by challenging both the search of the attic to my house and the underlying search warrant at a suppression hearing. John did it! He beat the case and the government which saved me from a possible mandatory jail sentence of 5 years. John always had the best interest of my family at heart. He not only fought for me but he also fought for my wife kids and our whole family. John won the fight and beat the heroin aspect of my case. I am now on probation for two years for having too much marijuana in my possession but am united with my family and have my life in order. I know I would not be in this situation if it wasn’t for John. I would not trust or hire any other lawyer in the world other than John Calcagni. To say that he is the best is an understatement!!