I UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend John Calcagni

After 19 years of serving in the Army my career and everything I had worked so hard for was in jeopardy. Fully accepting responsibility for a situation that resulted in my receiving a GOMOR 2 years prior I continued to serve my country by being the best Soldier and Officer possible as I headed toward my mandatory retirement.

Unfortunately the Army had other plans and I was selected by Human Resources Command (HRC) to stand before a Board of Inquiry (BOI) at a time when I had less than 18 months to go until retirement. My career was once again in jeopardy. With so much in the balance I knew I could not do successfully fight this BOI alone and did not want to rely on detailed military counsel. This is when I made the decision to retain civil counsel. I interviewed several attorneys but none of them instilled in me the confidence and energy to fight this head and bestowed a feeling like I could win until I found Attorney John Calcagni.

After consulting with him I never looked back. The combination of John’s persistent work ethic professionalism subject matter expertise and excellent staff support are what allowed me to get the desired outcome in a case that many other attorneys were unsure of they could win. John put a tremendous amount of hours work and effort in my case which lasted many months. His expertise as a trial lawyer coupled with his professional demeanor inside the courtroom made it obvious that I made the right choice in placing my career in his hands.

The Board deliberated for less than 20 minutes and rendered a decision that I be retained and allowed to continue on with military service in order to receive my retirement. I am eternally grateful to John and his staff for saving my military career. They went above and beyond all of my expectations. I UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend John Calcagni to anyone needing legal representation!