He was the right attorney for me

I’ve been in the military for 19 years. My career was recently put jeopardy when I received a GOMOR alleging misconduct during my pre-deployment training.

The Command offered me a deal that provided if I admitted to doing something that was not true the GOMOR would be filed locally and not in my OMPF. I researched for a civilian defense counsel to help me with this situation.

I came across and read John L. Calcagni’s profile online. He had the experience and know how I was looking for. When I talked to him over the phone from Kuwait his professional approach sense of urgency and real understanding of how a GOMOR could adversely affect my career immediately convinced me of his experience and competence. I knew he was the right attorney for me.

His recommendation was not to accept what the offered deal and instead to stand up and fight for my innocence. John drafted a very precise rebuttal to my GOMOR that articulated exactly the way things happened as why my career warranted preservation. The case was sent to my higher Command for decision. We achieved victory in that the GOMOR was filed locally and not my OMPF. The best thing I can say about Attorney John L. Calcagni is that he really cared for me my military career. Thank you John for all of your help.