Your search begins and stops with John Calcagni

Testimonial: I write this with great pleasure. I unfortunately found myself in a bad situation and the legal system began railroading me into an even worse position. I was beside myself and extremely confused. That’s where John came in. He started out by making sure I understood the process what happened and how we were going to overcome the obstacles in order to prove my innocence. He spent days and nights working on trial preparation. It was this preparation that led to my case being dismissed. He presented the facts with pictures electronic evidence and so many other investigative means. When the prosecution saw everything we had they decided it wasn’t a case they wanted to fight.

Thanks to his diligent efforts and tireless preparation this case was dismissed. If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the legal system or feel you are being railroaded or denied a fair chance you need a lawyer who listens well who understands the law thoroughly and who knows how to prepare for and execute a trial. I cannot express how thankful I am that I found that lawyer in John Calcagni. I deeply hope these words reach anyone who may ever be in a similar situation. Your search begins and stops with John Calcagni.

It was by far the best decision to have him represent me

Testimonial: I recently hired attorney John L. Calcagni III to represent me as an alleged repeat offender for driving with a suspended license. It was by far the best decision to have him represent me. He walked me through the entire process and kept me informed each step along the way. He also encouraged and kept me sane during this troublesome event. His office staff was extremely professional and never misled me in any way. John also got my whole case dismissed as he had promised during our initial consultation. I would definitely hire or recommend John Calcagni to any of my friends or family members who may require criminal defense representation in the future. This lawyer is an awesome professional and person.

I thank God for having put this good lawyer in my path

I was arrested by federal agents and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for participating in a drug conspiracy that involved more than 100 kilograms of marijuana in Massachusetts. I was incarcerated in Arizona for one month before released on bail of $10000.00. I was free on bail for 4 months until I was rearrested for violating the conditions of my release by crossing the border into Mexico after having my request to do so denied by a federal judge. Once rearrested I was taken to Rhode Island near Massachusetts where I was in for 19 months.

The lawyer who initially represented me was from Arizona. However he was not experienced or prepared for this type of case or the federal criminal justice system. A few months into my detention he encouraged me to sign a plea agreement with the government that provided for a potential statutory sentencing range of 5-40 years for me to sign with a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years. The agreement also provided that the federal government would raise my sentence with a U.S. Sentencing Guidelines enhance of +2 points alleging I was an organizer of the drug conspiracy. The agreement concluded that I would have a guidelines sentencing range of 70-87 months in prison with a minimum of 4 years on probation. I refused to sign this agreement. Because the lawyer from Arizona clearly did not know what he was doing was not writing to me was not presenting the Court with any motions on my behalf had no real strategy to refute the government’s theory I fired him. My family and I were then referred to an excellent experienced lawyer named John L. Calcagni III. Within days of hiring John Calcagni we could begin to see a big difference between him and my former lawyer.

Attorney Calcagni quickly obtained my discovery or evidence from the government sent me weekly update letters of notification and visited me at the jail at least every two weeks. He also communicated with my family to keep them up to date on his efforts. We remained very positive John Calcagni spoke with us honestly and worked for us in a professional manner. After reviewing the case evidence together we decided to negotiate a deal. The deal he negotiated on my behalf did not include a mandatory minimum sentence or any sentencing enhancement for being an organizer within the conspiracy. After pleading guilty the Probation Department sought to interview me at the courthouse my lawyer preferred the interview be at the jail which was much more comfortable for me. Between my change of plea and sentencing hearings he continued to work very hard for me. He traveled to Arizona and Mexico to interview and photograph my friends and family for his sentencing memorandum. All of his work turned out to be very professional well-organized and in the form of a book which impressed the judge and the prosecutor because of its creativity and content. At the sentencing hearing he presented a very professional and sharp worded oral argument to combat the government’s words and harsh sentencing request.

As a result of John Calcagni’s efforts the judge delivered a sentence of 25 months with 2 years of probation. In conclusion I thank God for having put this good lawyer in my path. Attorney Calcagni succeeded in obtaining for me less than half the time my former lawyer from Arizona had achieved on my behalf. My family and I have much to thank John Calcagni for as he saved me from more time in prison. I now only have 60 days left to serve my sentence before reuniting with my wife children and overall family and friends. This is all thanks to Calcagni’s good work professionalism experience with federal cases. I consider Attorney Calcagni to be an honest hard-working professional and creative lawyer. I thank him for all of his good work strongly recommend him to others and will not hesitate to call him again in the future if I or anyone I know needs legal representation. – N.V.

John has gone above and beyond in every way possible

John L. Calcagni III has been my attorney for almost two years now. I cannot not express in words or actions how satisfied I am with his services and legal representation. John has gone above and beyond in every way possible to help me resolve criminal cases in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He has worked diligently to achieve the best outcomes possible for my overall situation and individual cases. He is extremely professional reliable and caring in all aspects of the tremendous relationship we have built over the past two years. I could not be any more satisfied with the services provided by Attorney John Calcagni or the Law Offices of John L. Calcagni III Inc. Sincerely his most satisfied customer. – C.T.

John is an energetic highly motivated upbeat professional and aggressive lawyer

I once needed a lawyer to defend me against a felony drug charge. I was originally assigned to a public defender or court-appointed lawyer but felt he didn’t provide me or my case with the level of time and attention needed. Through my search for an experienced criminal defense lawyer I was referred to Attorney John L Calcagni III. At our introduction I immediately noticed that John is an energetic highly motivated upbeat professional and aggressive lawyer. After reviewing my case he was very forward with me about his strategy to defend me. He kept my best interests in mind at all times and refused to give up or allow me to plead guilty. I realized when we first met that I wanted John to represent me in my case. I had much to lose and needed a lawyer who would fight for my rights and ensure an outcome that would not affect my future or livelihood. We discussed the potential ways that my case could go and the direction he wanted it to go which was in my best interest – to have it dismissed. We fought hard and applied enough pressure to the prosecution until they offered me a deal that leads to dismissal. My buddy who encountered this same misfortune pleaded guilty was placed on probation and will never be able to shake this from his record. Luckily for me I had made the right choice of hiring John Calcagni. If there is ever another instance in the future where I or anyone I know of needs assistance the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer I will absolutely call or refer John. Thank you. –T.R.

John is also a wonderful human being a great professional a fighter and the most caring person we have ever known.

There are no words to express the gratitude our family feels for Law Office of John L. Calcagni III and his wonderful staff. We will be forever grateful to have what we consider the best Criminal Defense Attorney in the Rhode Island area who is also barred in the State of Florida which was exactly what we needed. John is also a wonderful human being a great professional a fighter and the most caring person we have ever known. We could not ask for anyone better to represent my fiancé and our entire family during the worst moments of our life.

My fiancé who is on probation in Florida was accused of being a violator for allegedly using the internet and social media to communicate with his family. As a result he faced extradition from Rhode Island back to Florida. I am currently pregnant with his child and his father is sick. He had already spent more than thirty (30) days incarcerated at the ACI Intake Center with no counsel. We were running out of time and the lawyer we initially hired was limited because he did not have a license to practice law in Florida. We were at our wits end. I continually researched and spoke with different attorneys in Florida to see what I could do to prevent extradition. The last lawyer I spoke with down there put the fear of God into me. He gave me worst case scenario and told me that my fiancé’ was looking at life in prison due to his being on probation for a capital sex offense and now being an alleged probation violator.

At that point it dawned on me to look for attorney who could personally handle cases in both Florida and Rhode Island. That is when I asked God to help me and I came across John. When I called he was out of the office and in Florida working another case. His staff took down all my information and not even ten minutes later I received a personal call back from John. He explained that he was busy but spared the time to listen to me my experiences and our family’s ordeal. His exact words to me were “whether you decide to retain me or not promise to do me one favor don’t listen to those other attorneys who scared you as they are playing off of that your fears and emotions.” Right there and then I knew he was the one attorney for my fiancé and our family. As soon as John returned from Florida we met with him in his office. He explained how he would try to prevent the extradition resolve the pending probation violation and protect my fiancé’s Interstate Compact agreement that allowed him to live in Rhode Island from being voided.

The entire time that John and his staff worked on the case they kept us in the loop every step of the way. John ultimately made a deal on my fiancé’s behalf which prevented him from both having his probation revoked and being incarcerated. John was not able to prevent my fiancé from going back to Florida to resolve the matter. However once my fiancé was extradited to Florida John reassured us that he would not give up or close out the case until he ensured that the Florida State Attorney kept her word about the negotiated deal. John even contacted my fiancé’s assigned Public Defender in Florida to bring her up to speed and to direct her how to resolve the matter once my fiancé went to court. Everything worked out as planned. John got my Fiancé’ back home to me and our family within a couple of weeks.

I thank God every day for sending John Calcagni to us. He made it possible to bring my fiancé back home and for him to be here for the birth of our first child together. I speak wholeheartedly when I say this man is not only an Attorney…..he is an Angel sent from heaven!!!!!! I know my fiancé and his family as well as mine all feel the same way. We highly recommend John and plan on utilizing him further. It gives me great pleasure to say that I would refer Attorney John Calcagni and his staff to my family friends and others without any hesitation. –T.C. and A.M.

Without your understanding guidance and tenacity that this young man’s future would look as bright as it does today

I want to express my sincere thanks to you Attorney John Calcagni for all the help and support you gave my nephew. I do not believe without your understanding guidance and tenacity that this young man’s future would look as bright as it does today. The time that you spent with him both in court and out of court was well above what anyone should or would expect from his attorney. Your fee was very reasonable for such complex convoluted multi-faceted case and I do not believe any other attorney in the world would have done as much for the same. On a personal note you and your support staff always kept me up to date on what was going on. I enjoyed my conversations with you and the staff especially your paralegal Nicolina “Nikki” Doran. She always had a way of leaving me with smile and a sense a comfort. I hope I will here from the both of you in the future. If there is ever anything I can do for you please do not hesitate. I am forever indebted to you for what you did for my nephew. Sincerely Uncle of C.T. – T.T.

He took a very personal approach to our case

First, a huge thank you! Just over a year ago, I had one of the worst days that I could have possibly imagined. I accrued multiple criminal charges on federal property that could have drastically affected the rest of my and my familys life.


I will recommend him to anyone who requires the best in legal counsel.

After searching online for an attorney, the one who stood out the most was John L. Calcagni III. I was highly impressed with his website, experience, success, and after meeting him, his personable and caring character towards me. He walked me though the process and made me feel very comfortable.

David Devor