Federal Cocaine Trafficking Client

Attorney John L Calcagni III did an outstanding job in my cocaine trafficking case.

He is the type of lawyer who does’t make false promises or give false hopes.

He is one of the few honest lawyers that exist and is extremely hardworking and effective at his job.

Thank you for helping me during these difficult times and for doing such an excellent job. Thank you again very much and may God bless you.

Attorney Calcagni has been nothing but great

My experience with Attorney Calcagni has been nothing but great.

He’s a very honest man tells you how it is and is also very attentive. John and his secretary are very quick to respond to an email phone call or message which I as a client appreciate.

I would definitely hire John again if I ever ran into any legal trouble because the way he treats a case is very personal. He builds a relationship with his clients and makes sure to represent them to the best of his abilities.

Thank you for your services and if god forbid I run into any trouble again you’ll be my number one call.

John Handled My Case As If I were Family

“My experience with John Calcagni was phenomenal He made me feel at ease in the courtroom and all throughout my case. John knew exactly how to handle the case from day one by outlining a successful defense strategy at our first meeting. Communication with him was instant. He always returned my calls texts and emails making contacting him very easy. If he was not available when you first call he has a same-day call back policy that he follows. The promises he made to me were definitely fulfilled. He had my case dismissed. I could not have asked for or expected better. If I ever need a lawyer again John will be the first one I call. I definitely recommend him to each and every one of you who read this testimonial 100%. John handled my case as if I were family. Thanks again John!”

John managed it expertly- OUI

Criminal Defense Client for 1st OUI and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle

After my first meeting with John Calcagni I felt very confident. He explained the situation clearly sharing knowledge and experience so I knew what to expect.

With a first time DUI charge the results could have been serious but John managed it expertly and my life was back to normal in two short months. Dealing with Mr. Calcagni personally has also been a pleasure. He is an honest man with a great sense of humor who always made me feel calm and comfortable.

I never had trouble staying in contact with Mr. Calcagni and he made himself easily available for any question i might have. I would recommend John Calcagni to anyone for any legal issue.

Criminial Defense Client for Marijuana Possession

When I first sat down and talked to Attorneys John L. Calcagni III and John R. Grasso I had preconceived notions about criminal defense attorneys. To my surprise these lawyers are both very humble and caring individuals.

However their kindness should not be mistake for weakness. When they get a hold of a case they attack it from all different angles. I went into my first meeting with Attorneys Calcagni and Grasso after hearing from others about their legal expertise and knowledge of the Rhode Island Court System. From the moment I sat down in their office to discuss me case I was very impressed with their knowledge of the law creativity in defending criminal cases and their ability to both think and develop solutions that are outside of the box.

These attorneys met with the arresting party in my case; assimilated my background and experiences in a way that humanized me; zealously advocated on my behalf; and ultimately achieved the superior result of having my case dismissed. Attorneys Calcagni and Grasso are genuine unique and hardworking. In the field of law people like this are very hard to find.

If you find yourself in a bind charged with a crime or in need of a criminal defense lawyer call John Calcagni and John Grasso immediately. These are the go-to lawyers who will work diligently on your case and always put your best interests first.

John is your guy – 3rd OUI Offense

Criminal Defense Client for 3rd OUI Offense

From the moment that I first saw John I knew he was a man in control. Every time we spoke my stress would disappear.

I personally believe that John provided me with the best representation I could ask for. For me he was nothing short of a lifesaver.

Friendly polite funny and unbelievably smart are all adjectives that perfectly describe John. To anyone looking for any sort of legal representation John is your guy. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Testimonial From the U.S. Soldier’s Parent

Dear Attorney Calcagni: I cannot thank you enough for your dedicated professionalism and immediate response to help my son who is a Specialist on active duty in the United States Army.

I was desperate to find a trusted attorney who I could retain on behalf of my son. He had recently experienced a series of catastrophic live altering events resulting from deployment-related mental health issues. The most serious event was an emotional breakdown rendering him unable to continue on with military service after 5 years of continuous deployments as a U.S. Army Ranger in Special Operations. He desperately needed to leave military service yet there was no one to turn to. He did not have the support of his Command leadership or even military healthcare providers in this regard. You navigated this web of military apathy and bureaucracy to seek my son’s discharge. Your insightful and calm actions brought results within a matter of weeks. I truly believe it is due to your depth of experience in dealing with the highest levels of the military officials including members of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps that brought this matter to a hasty and favorable conclusion for my son.

My son understood from his very first phone call with you that he could trust you which brought him a tremendous measure of relief. We had experienced a number of false starts and “gotcha moments” from the military that were debilitating to both my son and I. You restored our hope and confidence in the system and thereafter obtained exceptional results on our behalf which exceeded all expectations.

Despite your heavy trial schedule – at that time – you remained diligent in touch with my son calming and guiding him through the process to reach the right resolution. Your unique ability to make contacts at the highest levels of the military was invaluable. You immediately brought about a “cease and desist” of the taunting and humiliating “meetings” and threats my Son was receiving from members of his chain of command. With you in his corner he felt protected and on his way to obtaining justice from the military in the form of an honorable discharge on account of his mental health issues.

Military law is a completely different world than what I have ever experienced during my thirty (30) years as a civilian lawyer. I sensed from our first phone call that you are highly skilled in military law and advocacy and as adept in negotiation skills as any highly paid private mediator I have hired while serving as General Counsel for various large corporations throughout my career.

My son and I knew when we spoke with you that you could resolve his issue avoid him being discharged from the military in an unfavorable matter and help to place him on the road to receiving an Honorable Discharge with resulting benefits as he and all of our Soldiers who similarly sacrificed for our freedoms well deserve. Thank you for restoring hope to my family and protecting the future of my son.

Testimonial From a U.S. Soldier

Military Administrative Separation Action Defense Client and Parent/Civilian Attorney

John Calcagni’s professionalism legal skills and ability to maneuver effectively throughout the U.S. Army’s legal and beaurocratic systems is a unique combination of talents that is not easily found among attorneys.

I have and will continue to recommend Attorney Calcagni’s services to my fellow Rangers Soldiers and Friends!

From the bottom of a Soldier’s heart thank you John.

He is the kind of lawyer who you can trust

Testimonial by Sister One: John L. Calcagni III is an excellent lawyer. He kept his word to me from the very beginning to be honest work hard keep in touch and get my case dismissed. John did everything he said he would and more. He always replied very quickly to my email phone messages and text messages. He was also able to answer all my questions in a manner that I understood and kept me updated on his efforts and progress throughout the entire process. He pledged to get my case dismissed and he did! Had he been unsuccessful my military career could have been destroyed. I highly recommend John to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer! John is the best. – T.W.

Testimonial by Sister Two: I highly recommend John L. Calcagni III to anyone who needs a lawyer for immigration or criminal defense. He is the kind of lawyer who you can trust who really cares about his client and who takes your case seriously. I was charged with shoplifting which could have destroyed my immigration chances of becoming a U.S. Citizen. John committed to beating my case in order to protect my plans for citizenship. He kept me informed throughout out the entire process which took several months. Most importantly he delivered on his promise to me on day one to get my case dismissed. I have since reported this outcome to Immigration and fully expect my application for naturalized U.S. Citizenship to be granted. My family and I will never forget what John did for us. – C.D.

Your search begins and stops with John Calcagni

Testimonial: I write this with great pleasure. I unfortunately found myself in a bad situation and the legal system began railroading me into an even worse position. I was beside myself and extremely confused. That’s where John came in. He started out by making sure I understood the process what happened and how we were going to overcome the obstacles in order to prove my innocence. He spent days and nights working on trial preparation. It was this preparation that led to my case being dismissed. He presented the facts with pictures electronic evidence and so many other investigative means. When the prosecution saw everything we had they decided it wasn’t a case they wanted to fight.

Thanks to his diligent efforts and tireless preparation this case was dismissed. If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the legal system or feel you are being railroaded or denied a fair chance you need a lawyer who listens well who understands the law thoroughly and who knows how to prepare for and execute a trial. I cannot express how thankful I am that I found that lawyer in John Calcagni. I deeply hope these words reach anyone who may ever be in a similar situation. Your search begins and stops with John Calcagni.