Criminal Defense for Multiple OUI and Motor Vehicle Offenses

After picking up three consecutive OUI charges in fifteen months I could have been spending the next two years in jail away from my family friends and business. John was by my side every step in the way.

I felt very confident with him as my attorney. Each decision was planned explained and executed clearly so I always knew what was going on. With the support John provided I always felt a sense of comfort and optimism throughout the entire process even though it was my first time in the court system as well as a correctional facility.

He was there for my family and friends while I was away and also spoke on my behalf at my place of work to insure that my job would be waiting for me when I was released in just 50 days. To this day John and I keep in touch during the aftermath of my jail sentence and release back into the world.

He is an attorney that cares about those he represents during and after the case; and all for a reasonable price. I appreciate all you have and continue to do for me John. Thanks again.

I would highly recommend John

Criminal Defense of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Breath Test:

I was charged with both Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Breath Test. A friend referred me to Attorney John Calcagni.

John and I met for the first time at my kitchen table when he visited my home for a consultation. I knew right away that he was a very confident and caring lawyer. He explained exactly what would happen in court step-by-step. We did had several future meetings and John always had the ability to diminish my nervousness and anxiety associated with the court and criminal justice system. He was always available for any questions I had and never ignored me. He returned every phone call and email in a timely manner.

At my court appearance I was looking to lose my license for six months but John had it reduced to three months. I would highly recommend John to anyone with a legal matter. He not only represents you as a lawyer but you think of and call upon him as your friend. Thank you so much John.

Attorney Calcagni has changed my life for the better

Multiple Outstanding Warrants VACATED and CASES CLOSED.

I cannot express my thanks enough for Attorney Calcagni’s assistance with the termination of my multiple bench warrants and closure of my cases. As a kid I made many bad choices some resulting in arrests and arraignments. Regretfully I was unable to handle these consequences with the previous lifestyle I was living. I subsequently moved out of state prematurely without answering to or closing our my existing criminal cases.

After changing my lifestyle and living a more positive and productive life I decided it was time to face my open cases and then-arrest warrants. I struggled to find a lawyer who was able to help me in this regard by hastily doing the necessary leg work for my appearance and surrender in court. Thankfully Attorney Calcagni answered my call and was able to clearly explain and walk me though the process of how to eliminate my multiple bench warrants and close out their related cases. After retaining Attorney Calcagni’s services he did the necessary leg work scheduled my surrenders before multiple courts on the same day appeared with me in court helped to vacate each warrant and then helped to close each case.

His efforts alleviated years of stress and concern within a few short hours. Attorney Calcagni has changed my life for the better. I cannot thank him enough and will not hesitate to recommend his law office to any others who may be in need of legal services in the future.

He is an excellent human being and an excellent lawyer.

When I found out that my husband had been arrested I was very frightened. I didn’t know what to do or whom to call. I found Attorney John Calcagni’s website.

I called him praying that he would be the one for my husband’s case and thank God that’s how it was from the first time I tried to contact him he returned my call immediately he was very honest with me very professional very attentive and very patient especially since my English is not very good.

He was always very worried about me and encouraged me to be calm. He always answered my calls and while my husband was in jail he always did excellent work and thanks to him today my husband is once again at home with me and our daughter. I don’t know how to express the gratitude I feel for Attorney Calcagni.

He is an excellent human being and an excellent lawyer. I am very satisfied with his work and the results he obtained for my husband. I am infinitely thankful for Attorney Calcagni’s dedication. I heartily recommend the services he provides. God bless you and many many thanks.

We would not hesitate to hire him again

Attempted Breaking into a Depository; Four Counts of Receiving Stolen Property; and Possession of a Controlled Substance: Continued Without a Finding.

When John asked us to write a testimonial for his website we thought of this as an opportunity to not only thank him but also as a chance to give other families who might be facing similar circumstances a sense of comfort knowing their son or daughter would be in good hands if represented by Attorney Calcagni. Our son made poor choices that got him into trouble. He needed to own up and accept responsibility but as parents we needed to give him the best chance for getting his life back on track. We did that by retaining Attorney Calcagni to defend him in court against criminal charges.

With John’s sound legal advice and insightful understanding of our son as a troubled teenager (and not a criminal) we were able to achieve the best possible legal outcome for him. John’s success in this situation can be attributed to a number of things. At the outset our son M was able to connect with John; he made himself “approachable.” Of equal importance was John’s in-depth legal knowledge and skill when communicating with the District Attorney as well as the presiding Judge assigned to M’s case.

There are many attorneys to choose from who are knowledgeable and skilled at practicing law but we experienced something far more valuable with John. He took the time to get to know our family dynamics and our son. In the end it was John’s insightful understanding of us and what we valued most for our son that yielded the results we were hoping for. We would not hesitate to hire him against or to recommend him to others. Thank you John!!

I am extremely grateful to him

Large Scale Drug Trafficker Who Faced Possible 40-Year Sentence RELEASED ON TIME SERVED After Spending 17 Months in Jail.

This testimony is to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. John Calcagni for his excellent work his honesty and all the effort that he dedicated to my case. From the beginning he always sought out the most effective way to reunite me with my family as quickly as possible something which he succeeded in doing.

I always noticed that he would put himself in my situation and understood perfectly my pain and desperation; as a lawyer he is excellent and as a person I have not met many like him in my life. After all the experiences which I had with him and I know how painful it is to be incarcerated I strongly recommended him and will continue doing so since he is someone who is totally honest intelligent and someone who works diligently for the sake of his clients and their families.

I am extremely grateful to him as a friend and as a client for all his effort understanding and good will. From the bottom of my heart many thanks.

Federal Cocaine Trafficking Client

Attorney John L Calcagni III did an outstanding job in my cocaine trafficking case.

He is the type of lawyer who does’t make false promises or give false hopes.

He is one of the few honest lawyers that exist and is extremely hardworking and effective at his job.

Thank you for helping me during these difficult times and for doing such an excellent job. Thank you again very much and may God bless you.

Attorney Calcagni has been nothing but great

My experience with Attorney Calcagni has been nothing but great.

He’s a very honest man tells you how it is and is also very attentive. John and his secretary are very quick to respond to an email phone call or message which I as a client appreciate.

I would definitely hire John again if I ever ran into any legal trouble because the way he treats a case is very personal. He builds a relationship with his clients and makes sure to represent them to the best of his abilities.

Thank you for your services and if god forbid I run into any trouble again you’ll be my number one call.

John Handled My Case As If I were Family

“My experience with John Calcagni was phenomenal He made me feel at ease in the courtroom and all throughout my case. John knew exactly how to handle the case from day one by outlining a successful defense strategy at our first meeting. Communication with him was instant. He always returned my calls texts and emails making contacting him very easy. If he was not available when you first call he has a same-day call back policy that he follows. The promises he made to me were definitely fulfilled. He had my case dismissed. I could not have asked for or expected better. If I ever need a lawyer again John will be the first one I call. I definitely recommend him to each and every one of you who read this testimonial 100%. John handled my case as if I were family. Thanks again John!”

John managed it expertly- OUI

Criminal Defense Client for 1st OUI and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle

After my first meeting with John Calcagni I felt very confident. He explained the situation clearly sharing knowledge and experience so I knew what to expect.

With a first time DUI charge the results could have been serious but John managed it expertly and my life was back to normal in two short months. Dealing with Mr. Calcagni personally has also been a pleasure. He is an honest man with a great sense of humor who always made me feel calm and comfortable.

I never had trouble staying in contact with Mr. Calcagni and he made himself easily available for any question i might have. I would recommend John Calcagni to anyone for any legal issue.