John was truly there for my family, not just in regards to the case but with other personal tragedies we endured throughout the year

I cannot not say enough good things about Attorney John L. Calcagni III. My son was charged with rape after a high school classmate accused him of unwanted sexual intercourse. I knew this situation would not resolve easily. My family retained John because of his experience with both prosecuting and defending against sex offenses. John walked us through every step of the way, not only as an attorney but as a friend to my family and a mentor to my son. He was available for us night and day and his knowledge of the law assured us that we were in the best hands. John commands respect in the courtroom and he is well known throughout the court system. He was ultimately able to resolve my son’s case in under one year and in a discrete and effective manner that did not call for my son being found guilty of sex offense. John was truly there for my family, not just in regards to the case but with other personal tragedies we endured throughout the year. He is one of a kind, thank you!

John is a very caring professional

John was referred to me by another great lawyer and after the first time we met, my husband and I knew John was the right one for the job. Our 13 year-old son was charged with sexual assault unfairly and as parents we had to do something about it. My son also felt that John was someone that he could really trust and was committed to helping him. He needed that reassurance that someone had his side of the story and represented him. Our family put our faith and confidence in John. He was on top of everything communicating with us constantly until the case was resolved. John is a very caring professional. Overtime, he worked with the police and prosecutor’s office. He arranged a meeting between them and our family, and thereafter, advocated to have the investigation against our son closed with no criminal charges. My husband and I definitely recommend John to others. He is a great lawyer who helped our young son, accused of a very serious offense, walked away from these false allegations unscathed.

Attorney John L. Calcagni III is an accomplished professional with excellent military legal knowledge

John and his firm represented me during the aftermath of a personal misconduct incident I experienced while attending full time military training. I became intoxicated at a nit morale event. While under the influence of alcohol, I allegedly made inappropriate remarks to junior female enlisted Soldiers. As a result, the Command issued me a written reprimand or General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR). During this period, I was given little assistance or information about military legal system. However, upon discovering John, he brought clarity to my situation. His firm’s work was primarily responsibility for me avoiding punitive measures, a discharge boards and permanent damage to my military career. His work in crafting timely and professional responses and coordinating concurrent legal service in my civilian life were instrumental in avoiding the career ending event of having a reprimand placed in the public portion of my official military record. In summary, John developed and executed a strategy that saved my career. I very strongly recommend Attorney John Calcagni and his firm for your legal needs.

I would absolutely use John and provide him with my strongest endorsement and recommendation to others

In April of 2016, my name was on the selection list for Colonel. Two days after the list was released, I received a letter from Army Human Resources Command to show cause for my retention in the Army. This stemmed from a prior plagiarism I was involved in years ago while a Major in the Intermediate Leaders Course (ILE). The letter said if I did not succeed at a board, I risked the potential of receiving an Other Than Honorable Discharge and after 20 years of service, could potentially lose everything.

Like most, I did not have an attorney standing by so I hit the internet to conduct research. I also asked friends for advice. I sent messages out and consulted with a few attorneys. I ultimately discovered and contacted Attorney John L. Calcagni III. I phoned his office and his staff called me back right away. The stress level in my life at this was at an all time high. John’s staff was extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable in his office. When John and I met, he understood my situation and explained in details of the process. He did not pressure me to use his services. We talked about my case and about the Army in general. In our conversation, we had some mutual friends. I left his office with a positive feeling, but took my time to make my decision.

I finally decided to hire John to represent me at the show cause board. I was comfortable with him and felt like he was highly focused on my case. Though he has many clients, he made me feel like I was his only one. He communicated with me throughout the entire process. I had his office and cell numbers and he always returned my calls or texts. John fully prepared for my hearing. We met before the hearing where he helped me prepare my case to ensure I was ready for potential questions from the board members. I understood the process and John stood by me the entire time. The good soldier packet he prepared on my behalf was highly organized and very detailed. He did not miss one part of my 20 year military career. This packet showed the board how prepared and ready we were for the hearing. Our packet was clearly better than the government’s packet.

After a long and stressful few months and an even longer day at the board, the members rendered resulted a decision for my retention. John helped me stay in the Army and keep both my career and military pension. I am now able to be promoted to the rank of Colonel and continue to serve my country proudly. I hope to never need an attorney again but if I do, I would absolutely use John and provide him with my strongest endorsement and recommendation to others.

From the first conversation I had with John I knew he was the perfect lawyer

John Calcagni is a very straightforward and hardworking lawyer. I was recommended to him after being accused of sexual assault. From the first conversation I had with John I knew he was the perfect lawyer. John is a very well-spoken lawyer and is all about business in terms of getting things done. Over the process of working with him, he was on top of everything, making sure all the right things would happen with my case. I was originally held without bail after voluntarily turning myself into authorities after a foster child in my parents’ custody made the sexual assault allegations against me. Within a matter of days, John had me released and reunited with my family. The good thing about having John as your lawyer is that your case is almost a guaranteed win with him. He works extra hard to make things right and if you think he is not on top of anything, you will be in for a surprise when he has everything taken care of before you even know about it. John Calcagni is a lawyer I would recommend to anyone if you want guaranteed satisfaction. My entire family was super impressed and glad to have him on our side being our lawyer. Over time, he successfully had my case dismissed and sealed from the public record. John saved my life and I 100% recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.

John, thank you for all that you’ve done, and continue to do.

If there were any reason to hire a criminal defense lawyer again, I would immediately go back to John L. Calcagni III. I first hired John in 2011 when I was a university student and charged with assaulting a fellow student with a knife conviction. There were multiple witnesses to this event, as it occurred in a culinary classroom at the university. Through John, I avoided a conviction and received a deferred sentence. During this 5 year deferment period, I hired John repeatedly for legal guidance and advice. John’s confidence, assurance, and sensibility creates a strong rapport with his clients. There was not anything I could not or did not ask John. He never assumed I knew anything and was open to my myriad of questions. There were many times when I emailed John, out of the blue, with questions about my charges or things that I did not fully understand. John, as a diligent attorney who cares about his clients, never rejected any of these frivolous questions or comments. Instead, he continued to be an extremely knowledgeable, edifying lawyer. From the minute I walked into his office in 2011, to the present where I am free of any convictions or charges, John has been my most vigorous and capable ally.

He was the right attorney for me

I’ve been in the military for 19 years. My career was recently put jeopardy when I received a GOMOR alleging misconduct during my pre-deployment training.

The Command offered me a deal that provided if I admitted to doing something that was not true the GOMOR would be filed locally and not in my OMPF. I researched for a civilian defense counsel to help me with this situation.

I came across and read John L. Calcagni’s profile online. He had the experience and know how I was looking for. When I talked to him over the phone from Kuwait his professional approach sense of urgency and real understanding of how a GOMOR could adversely affect my career immediately convinced me of his experience and competence. I knew he was the right attorney for me.

His recommendation was not to accept what the offered deal and instead to stand up and fight for my innocence. John drafted a very precise rebuttal to my GOMOR that articulated exactly the way things happened as why my career warranted preservation. The case was sent to my higher Command for decision. We achieved victory in that the GOMOR was filed locally and not my OMPF. The best thing I can say about Attorney John L. Calcagni is that he really cared for me my military career. Thank you John for all of your help.

John delivered results

I was recently charged with Heroin Trafficking after the police discovered a quantity of heroin hidden inside a stuffed animal located in the attic of the three-family home where I live with my family on the second floor.

The police came to my house with a warrant after a confidential informant told them he purchased heroin from me inside my home. When the police came I was present in my apartment with my wife three young daughters and dog. The police were loud obnoxious rude and disrespectful to my family. When they came in they discovered marijuana in my kitchen which they seized. They also found and seized our savings of money in the amount of several thousand dollars that my wife and I compiled for bills and holiday shopping. After not discovering any heroin inside my apartment the police went up two flights of stairs into a locked attic and tossed everything in sight. They claimed to have found a quantity of marijuana hidden inside a hole in the wall and quantity of heroin hidden inside a stuffed animal discovered in a large plastic bin with many other stuffed animals. This attic was considered common area in the three-family dwelling available to all current tenants and was similarly available to former tenants.

Years before my family and I moved into this house it was raided for drugs to include heroin. The police tried to pin the discovered heroin on me. They arrested me in front of my family and charged me with heroin trafficking and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Because I have a past criminal record for dealing drugs I could not afford another drug conviction or jail time away from my family. I needed a lawyer who would go to battle on my behalf and get results. My brother recommended Attorney John L. Calcagni. John represented my brother in the past on a drug case and had the matter dismissed after winning a suppression hearing. Because John came so highly recommended I trusted my brother’s judgment and hired him. John Calcagni was every bit the lawyer my brother said he was and more. John understood my family and financial situation. He was sensitive to the fact I had three small children needed make payments toward our agreed upon legal fees and was struggling to support my family.

It took time but John delivered results. He took on the police and prosecution by challenging both the search of the attic to my house and the underlying search warrant at a suppression hearing. John did it! He beat the case and the government which saved me from a possible mandatory jail sentence of 5 years. John always had the best interest of my family at heart. He not only fought for me but he also fought for my wife kids and our whole family. John won the fight and beat the heroin aspect of my case. I am now on probation for two years for having too much marijuana in my possession but am united with my family and have my life in order. I know I would not be in this situation if it wasn’t for John. I would not trust or hire any other lawyer in the world other than John Calcagni. To say that he is the best is an understatement!!

I UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend John Calcagni

After 19 years of serving in the Army my career and everything I had worked so hard for was in jeopardy. Fully accepting responsibility for a situation that resulted in my receiving a GOMOR 2 years prior I continued to serve my country by being the best Soldier and Officer possible as I headed toward my mandatory retirement.

Unfortunately the Army had other plans and I was selected by Human Resources Command (HRC) to stand before a Board of Inquiry (BOI) at a time when I had less than 18 months to go until retirement. My career was once again in jeopardy. With so much in the balance I knew I could not do successfully fight this BOI alone and did not want to rely on detailed military counsel. This is when I made the decision to retain civil counsel. I interviewed several attorneys but none of them instilled in me the confidence and energy to fight this head and bestowed a feeling like I could win until I found Attorney John Calcagni.

After consulting with him I never looked back. The combination of John’s persistent work ethic professionalism subject matter expertise and excellent staff support are what allowed me to get the desired outcome in a case that many other attorneys were unsure of they could win. John put a tremendous amount of hours work and effort in my case which lasted many months. His expertise as a trial lawyer coupled with his professional demeanor inside the courtroom made it obvious that I made the right choice in placing my career in his hands.

The Board deliberated for less than 20 minutes and rendered a decision that I be retained and allowed to continue on with military service in order to receive my retirement. I am eternally grateful to John and his staff for saving my military career. They went above and beyond all of my expectations. I UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend John Calcagni to anyone needing legal representation!

This result essentially saved my military career

I am an active duty army recruiter. I received a GOMOR for the alleged sexual assault of my supervisor’s wife. Prior to this incident I had never been accused of doing anything wrong while in the Army.

I knew that if the GOMOR I had received were filed in my OMPF I would not be allowed to reenlist and may even be separated from service. Everyone knows that a GOMOR is a “career killer” in that it bars you from attending certain schools and receiving competitive career opportunities. I retained the services of Attorney John Calcagni to help me in this situation. He masterfully rebutted and responded to my GOMOR.

Attorney Calcagni explained to me the importance of submitting a thoughtful and thorough rebuttal. The General after carefully considering the GOMOR allegations and rebuttal ultimately decided to file it in my local personnel file instead of my OMPF. I wholeheartedly believe his decision was made because of the valid arguments Attorney Calcagni raised in my rebuttal.

This result essentially saved my military career. For months I worried about what I would do if I lost my career in which I have invested 8 years. I also worried about how I would provide for my family to include my wife and daughter. I am inexpressibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of Attorney Calcagni his law firm and its staff. I highly recommend him to anyone especially military service members who may be in need of legal representation.