He was the right attorney for me

I’ve been in the military for 19 years. My career was recently put jeopardy when I received a GOMOR alleging misconduct during my pre-deployment training.

The Command offered me a deal that provided if I admitted to doing something that was not true the GOMOR would be filed locally and not in my OMPF. I researched for a civilian defense counsel to help me with this situation.

I came across and read John L. Calcagni’s profile online. He had the experience and know how I was looking for. When I talked to him over the phone from Kuwait his professional approach sense of urgency and real understanding of how a GOMOR could adversely affect my career immediately convinced me of his experience and competence. I knew he was the right attorney for me.

His recommendation was not to accept what the offered deal and instead to stand up and fight for my innocence. John drafted a very precise rebuttal to my GOMOR that articulated exactly the way things happened as why my career warranted preservation. The case was sent to my higher Command for decision. We achieved victory in that the GOMOR was filed locally and not my OMPF. The best thing I can say about Attorney John L. Calcagni is that he really cared for me my military career. Thank you John for all of your help.

John delivered results

I was recently charged with Heroin Trafficking after the police discovered a quantity of heroin hidden inside a stuffed animal located in the attic of the three-family home where I live with my family on the second floor.

The police came to my house with a warrant after a confidential informant told them he purchased heroin from me inside my home. When the police came I was present in my apartment with my wife three young daughters and dog. The police were loud obnoxious rude and disrespectful to my family. When they came in they discovered marijuana in my kitchen which they seized. They also found and seized our savings of money in the amount of several thousand dollars that my wife and I compiled for bills and holiday shopping. After not discovering any heroin inside my apartment the police went up two flights of stairs into a locked attic and tossed everything in sight. They claimed to have found a quantity of marijuana hidden inside a hole in the wall and quantity of heroin hidden inside a stuffed animal discovered in a large plastic bin with many other stuffed animals. This attic was considered common area in the three-family dwelling available to all current tenants and was similarly available to former tenants.

Years before my family and I moved into this house it was raided for drugs to include heroin. The police tried to pin the discovered heroin on me. They arrested me in front of my family and charged me with heroin trafficking and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Because I have a past criminal record for dealing drugs I could not afford another drug conviction or jail time away from my family. I needed a lawyer who would go to battle on my behalf and get results. My brother recommended Attorney John L. Calcagni. John represented my brother in the past on a drug case and had the matter dismissed after winning a suppression hearing. Because John came so highly recommended I trusted my brother’s judgment and hired him. John Calcagni was every bit the lawyer my brother said he was and more. John understood my family and financial situation. He was sensitive to the fact I had three small children needed make payments toward our agreed upon legal fees and was struggling to support my family.

It took time but John delivered results. He took on the police and prosecution by challenging both the search of the attic to my house and the underlying search warrant at a suppression hearing. John did it! He beat the case and the government which saved me from a possible mandatory jail sentence of 5 years. John always had the best interest of my family at heart. He not only fought for me but he also fought for my wife kids and our whole family. John won the fight and beat the heroin aspect of my case. I am now on probation for two years for having too much marijuana in my possession but am united with my family and have my life in order. I know I would not be in this situation if it wasn’t for John. I would not trust or hire any other lawyer in the world other than John Calcagni. To say that he is the best is an understatement!!

I UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend John Calcagni

After 19 years of serving in the Army my career and everything I had worked so hard for was in jeopardy. Fully accepting responsibility for a situation that resulted in my receiving a GOMOR 2 years prior I continued to serve my country by being the best Soldier and Officer possible as I headed toward my mandatory retirement.

Unfortunately the Army had other plans and I was selected by Human Resources Command (HRC) to stand before a Board of Inquiry (BOI) at a time when I had less than 18 months to go until retirement. My career was once again in jeopardy. With so much in the balance I knew I could not do successfully fight this BOI alone and did not want to rely on detailed military counsel. This is when I made the decision to retain civil counsel. I interviewed several attorneys but none of them instilled in me the confidence and energy to fight this head and bestowed a feeling like I could win until I found Attorney John Calcagni.

After consulting with him I never looked back. The combination of John’s persistent work ethic professionalism subject matter expertise and excellent staff support are what allowed me to get the desired outcome in a case that many other attorneys were unsure of they could win. John put a tremendous amount of hours work and effort in my case which lasted many months. His expertise as a trial lawyer coupled with his professional demeanor inside the courtroom made it obvious that I made the right choice in placing my career in his hands.

The Board deliberated for less than 20 minutes and rendered a decision that I be retained and allowed to continue on with military service in order to receive my retirement. I am eternally grateful to John and his staff for saving my military career. They went above and beyond all of my expectations. I UNEQUIVOCALLY recommend John Calcagni to anyone needing legal representation!

This result essentially saved my military career

I am an active duty army recruiter. I received a GOMOR for the alleged sexual assault of my supervisor’s wife. Prior to this incident I had never been accused of doing anything wrong while in the Army.

I knew that if the GOMOR I had received were filed in my OMPF I would not be allowed to reenlist and may even be separated from service. Everyone knows that a GOMOR is a “career killer” in that it bars you from attending certain schools and receiving competitive career opportunities. I retained the services of Attorney John Calcagni to help me in this situation. He masterfully rebutted and responded to my GOMOR.

Attorney Calcagni explained to me the importance of submitting a thoughtful and thorough rebuttal. The General after carefully considering the GOMOR allegations and rebuttal ultimately decided to file it in my local personnel file instead of my OMPF. I wholeheartedly believe his decision was made because of the valid arguments Attorney Calcagni raised in my rebuttal.

This result essentially saved my military career. For months I worried about what I would do if I lost my career in which I have invested 8 years. I also worried about how I would provide for my family to include my wife and daughter. I am inexpressibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of Attorney Calcagni his law firm and its staff. I highly recommend him to anyone especially military service members who may be in need of legal representation.

John saved my future and career

My experience with my lawyer John Calcagni and his office were extraordinary. There is not a better word or words to describe it!

From my initial consultation until my court date there was full and consistent communication with him to include in-person by phone email and text message. There was nothing more comforting for me than to know that the lawyer representing me was there at all times.

My ideal vision was to see my case get dismissed which is exactly what happened. John worked tirelessly until he was able to obtain this result on my behalf. I would have no doubt or hesitation to call him again if I ever need legal representation in the future.

I would also definitely recommend him to anyone who may need a lawyer. John saved my future and career and he is fully capable of doing the same for you.

Calcagni Brings Much More To The Table Than Any Other Attorney

“I’m an active duty Army Officer who recently faced a number of issues from an abrasive chain of command while deployed that resulted in a GOMOR and the initiation of elimination or administrative separation proceedings. This was the first negative issue ever experienced in my overall military career. I knew if the GOMOR was filed in my OMPF that it would end any hope of continuing to serve in the Army. As a result I retained Attorney John L. Calcagni III. John provided me with expert advice in drafting my rebuttal to the GOMOR. He also assisted me in building my defense for the upcoming elimination or show cause board. John’s guidance and advice were superb.

He and his team were always there for me as I worked on my case. However the most important part of the whole endeavor for me was how straightforward and down to earth John was during the whole process. He provided an outside point of view into all the details of my case and guided me toward the relevant facts. At the conclusion of everything the Commanding General chose to withdraw the elimination action and withheld filing of the GOMOR to afford me a chance to prove that the issues I faced were a product of my environment and not indicative of my ability or potential as an Army Officer. I emphatically recommend John Calcagni to any service member seeking representation for a UCMJ or adverse administrative action. Attorney Calcagni brings much more to the table than any other attorney.”

John was my Knight in Shining Armor

As a parent I felt completely helpless when my son got himself into a situation requiring legal assistance.

John you were the knight in shining armor for me. Your calming demeanor extensive experience and knowledge of the Army processes and personnel instantly confirmed for me that I had hired the right attorney for my son.

I can’t thank you enough for all you did for him!

Military Defense Client

I recommend Attorney Calcagni to anyone who required legal representation. As an Army ROTC Cadet I was desperate and didn’t know what to do when I was recommended for disenrollment from the ROTC program.

Attorney John Calcagni came to my rescue and helped me put together a strong case to help keep me in the Army. His experience and advocacy skills put me in the best possible position to prevail.

I was very nervous during my disenrollment hearing at which time an appointed officer was to decide my fate regarding future military service. Attorney Calcagni represented with zealously and with confidence.

He set me at ease and achieved the results I was hoping for. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who needs quality legal help.

Federal Criminal Defense Client

I am so immensely humbled and impressed by how you represented me before the Federal Court.

Everyone in my family is extremely pleased with your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Military Criminal Defense Client

Mr. John L. Calcagni is the best legal representation to be had.

He is calm cool precise and knows the legal system better than any attorney I have ever encountered.

He provided a valuable service to me and my family saved my career and made it look easy. All at an affordable price.

I highly recommend John L. Calcagni as the best attorney that one could retain.