Testimonial from Client in Federal Drug Investigation

During the Fall of 2016, my home was raided by federal authorities.  They had a search warrant and were investigating me for federal drug crimes.  After the search, I was not arrested.   While the investigation continued, I retained Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, John Calcagni III.   This is a decision I will remember forever.  John is the number one choice for federal criminal defense.  He is licensed in many federal districts and knows his way around the federal criminal justice system. John and his team had my back every step of the way.  I knew John always had my best interests at heart.  On a personal level, John is charismatic, intelligent, and easy to talk with.  Professionally, he is highly competitive, experienced, knowledgeable and absolutely driven to succeed.  He exceeded all expectations by resolving my case in a way that spared me from criminal prosecution, convictions, and punishment.  When your freedom and livelihood hang in the balance, I highly recommend that you retain Attorney John Calcagni to tip the scales of justice in your favor.

Testimonial from Client in Motor Vehicle Charges Case

A good lawyer is your best friend whether wrongfully or rightfully accused of a crime.  My son got himself into a mess of trouble by riding a dirt bike without a license.  When police attempted to stop him, he refused and took them on a highspeed chase through our town.  Once multiple patrol officers joined in on the chase, he came to his senses and stopped.  It was too late.  Police arrested him for multiple motor vehicle crimes such as reckless driving, evading police, and more.  I hired Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer John Calcagni for his defense.  Attorney Calcagni successfully obtained my son a second chance.   If he stays out of trouble for the next year, the matter is to be dismissed and removed from public record.  John went above and beyond by overcoming the odds presented by the bad facts of our son’s actions.  I recommend him to others and would not hesitate to call upon him again in the future if needed.

Testimonial from Client in Federal Human Trafficking Case

John Calcagni is the best criminal defense lawyer around. He has a ton of trial experience and was a federal prosecutor. I was implicated in a federal human trafficking investigation.  I am also not a U.S. citizen, which further complicated my situation.   John contacted federal authorities and advocated for my interests.   After several meetings, he successfully persuaded federal prosecutors and special law enforcement agents to not criminally charge me in the human trafficking case or to report me to immigration authorities.  Thanks to John, I am still free and living in the United States.

Testimony from Army ROTC Disenrollment Case

John Calcagni is truly the best military lawyer around.  As an ROTC Cadet, I was arrested for DUI.  Even though my case was dismissed by civilian authorities, I thought I was screwed until I met and hired John. Through John’s diligence and careful, strategic planning, we assembled a compelling packet of mitigating evidence on my behalf and prepared me for difficult questioning that we anticipated at my disenrollment board.  John’s overall efforts, knowledge, experience, and preparation resulted in my desired recommendation for retention recommendation by the disenrollment board investigating officer.  Attorney Calcagni is super savvy in military legal matters and is unmatched by other lawyers of similar experience.  I can say, beyond a reasonable doubt, that without John’s help I would not still be in Army ROTC today.

Testimony from Possession of Heroin Case

I spent years of my life battling a heroin addiction.   One day, I was stopped and arrested for possessing heroin.   I was on bail at the time for a related case but in another state.  I hired John Calcagni who was recommended to me by my ex-boyfriend who also was represented by John.   John jumped into both my cases by slowing down the prosecution process.  He then helped me get into a treatment program where I got clean from drugs.  From there, John monitored my progress and out-patient counseling.  He continued to delay my cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts until I was clean and sober, and had the records to prove it.   After many months of sobriety, John used information about my addiction and treatment to convince multiple prosecutors, judges, and courts to give me a second chance.  Both cases were dismissed thanks to John’s amazing work, belief in me, and dedication throughout this long process.

Testimony from Firearms and Drug Trafficking Case

I am exceptionally satisfied with John Calcagni.  I hired him to represent my son after police raided his home and seized money, a number of firearms and quantities of both marijuana and cocaine.  Police went there with warrants for this arrest and to search the home.  Attorney Calcagni fought hard to get my son released on bail.  He found some technical problems with the warrants and prepared a biographical packet for the judge on my son’s behalf.  He attended several court appearances continuously fighting for bail.  In the end, John was successful in persuading both the prosecutor and judge to release my son on bail.  He is not back home and reunited with his little son.   John and my son are continuing to fight the case.  I have no doubt my son’s case, fate and future are in the best legal hands around.

Testimonial for Army ROTC Cadet Disenrollment Case

As an Army ROTC Cadet, my family and I retained Military Civilian Defense Attorney, John L. Calcagni III, to assist me with a pending disenrollment action. Disenrollment was initiated against me for failing a urine drug test. The urinalysis result indicated that I used amphetamines. I have never used illegal drugs before and knew I was innocent. I researched many lawyers and found no others with John’s experience. My family and I hired him to assist me with this process. It was a stressful period of several months. During this time, John aided me with obtaining additional drug testing, polygraph examinations and even hired a forensic expert to assist with my case. He then helped me prepare for my disenrollment board by identifying and lining up my witnesses, assembling a packet of my evidence and preparing me to make a statement on my own behalf. John made this long and difficult process easier for us. His experience in front of the disenrollment board was outstanding and, most importantly, he made 100% sure I was fully prepared for this experience. Anytime I had questions, he was there to explain the process and provide detailed information. He answers every email and returns all calls in a timely manner. I would recommend Attorney Calcagni and his team to anyone with legal issues associated with the military and will certainly continue to rely upon them both now and in the future as needed.

Testimonial for Rhode Island Guns and Drugs Case

I was charged with possessing firearms in connection with drug trafficking. These charges came after police arrested me for purchasing marijuana valued at $200. I cooperated with police and admitted to buying the marijuana for my own personal use. I then consented to the police searching my apartment after I voluntarily and truthfully told them the guns were located there and registered in my name. Despite my honesty and cooperation, they seized my guns and marijuana and charged me with multiple felonies stemming from the same. I retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend me in this matter. Attorney Calcagni is the man! He helped me out big time by getting my charges and case dismissed. I strongly recommend him for any of your legal needs. I know who I will call if I ever need a criminal defense lawyer again. If you want the best on your side, I recommend that others do the same.

Testimonial by Victim in Rhode Island Assault and Robbery Case

I hired John Calcagni to represent me in a complicated criminal matter. However, I was not the defendant, I was the victim. While visiting the Twin Rivers Casino, I was accosted by a strange man while standing outdoors smoking a cigarette. He stole by designed handbag and ran off with my cash winnings. I reported this incident to casino security, but they were of little help. I also reported the matter to local police who simply took a report. In need of further help, I hired Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to advocate for my interests. He made the process very easy and non-intimidating for me. He immediately contacted police, obtained the police narrative from this incident and aided me with providing a statement. He also learned the identity of and contacted the young man who assaulted and robbed me. This led to the man returning the money he had stolen from my person. The man was unable to return the designed handbag because he claimed to have discarded it while fleeing from the casino. However, with John’s efforts, we were able to make the man pay restitution for my loss and guarantee that he was held accountable in the Rhode Island Criminal Justice System. John is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. He simplified this complex process for me. Throughout the process, John and his team were easy to contact and communicate with by phone, text and email. They explained the process to me well and always delivered as promised. John successfully resolved my case beyond all expectations and I could not be happier with his performance. I highly recommend to others in need and will not hesitate to hire him again if needed.

Testimonial in Massachusetts Illegal Wiretapping Case

I am a divorcee who still struggles to maintain relations with my ex-spouse who is also the parent of my son. While attending counseling sessions for the benefit of our son and during discussions regarding the same, I secretly recorded the conversations for my own protection. My ex-spouse inadvertently learned of my actions and reported them to police. As a result, I faced criminal charges and prosecution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Illegal Wiretapping. While some states have a one-party consent rule to recording conversations, Massachusetts does not. The Commonwealth requires the consent of both parties to record a conversation. Though I was unaware of this rule, ignorance of the law is not a legal defense. Faced with criminal charges and still battling my ex-spouse in Family Court over parental rights, I hired Attorney John L. Calcagni III and his team to defend me in the Wrentham District Court. After multiple court appearances on my behalf and tireless negotiations with both police and my ex-spouse, John finally persuaded the Court to dismiss an application for a criminal complaint against me.
I am pleased with John’s professionalism, legal services and the final outcome he and his team ultimately obtained on my behalf.