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What are Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes comprise a broad category of offenses that involve unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact, often referred to broadly as sexual assault. These crimes range from unwanted sexual touching of an individual on the outside of one’s clothing to forced sexual penetration, and everything in between.  Sex crimes may be committed by and against members of the opposite sex, such as male against female, and by and between members of the same sex, such as male against male. Sex offenses may also be committed by adults against other adults and children.  Sex assault against a child is called child molestation.  Sex offenses are among the most egregious and prejudicial crimes known to the law. Convicted offenders are often sentenced to lengthy jail terms. Convicted offenders, one released from jail, are also subjected to sex offender registration requirements that require notification by offenders to local law enforcement agencies of the offender’s address and telephone number, place of employment and any changes in these locations. Restrictions may also apply such as against visiting or residing near schools or being around children.   Convicted sex offenders also have restrictions on their ability to travel in and outside of the United States, and are often required to undergo mandatory counseling or sex offender treatment.   Sex crimes also encompass criminal charges related to child pornography.

Solely being charged with a Sex Crime can have devastating consequences to your reputation, future, and freedom.  These include, but are not limited to, being ostracized or discriminated against in your local community; fired from your job and denied future employment opportunities; denial of housing; damage to your reputation causing loss of friends or relations with loved ones; jail time if convicted; lifelong sexual offender registration, monitoring and supervision requirements; and other adverse consequences. If you are charged with a Sex Crime, you require expert criminal defense representation by an attorney who is well-versed in this highly sensitive area of the law o protect your rights and minimize the impact that being charged with such an offense may have on your life.

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