Sex Crimes

Indecent Exposure: Dismissed.

A man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure at a public beach. A teenage girl reported to police her observations of the man seated inside his vehicle parked in the beach lot. She claimed to have seen him masturbating…

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Possession of Child Pornography: Dismissed.

Police detected the transfer of child pornography files while conducting surveillance online.   Using specialized software, law enforcement can scan the internet for the transfer of known files containing child pornographic images and videos.   When police detect the transfer of a…

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Rape, Domestic Strangulation, Domestic Breaking and Entering, Domestic Felony Assault and Domestic Failure to Relinquish Telephone: Charges Dismissed Upon Admission to Strangulation and Short Jail Sentence.

A young man was romantically involved with a romantic woman. Their relationship was toxic and further complicated by children that they each had from prior relationships. The couple was constantly on and off, had mutual jealousy and infidelity issues. Notwithstanding…

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