Sex Crimes

Possession of Child Pornography: 30 Months

Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies conducted an online investigation into the distribution of child pornography. The investigation led them to an Idaho man residing in Rhode Island. Agents obtained a search warrant for the man’s home…

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Child Molestation: Bail Granted

A middle-aged man was arrested and charged with multiple counts of First and Second-Degree Child Molestation in Rhode Island.   The charges stem from allegations that his mentally ill, teenage daughter made to mental health providers while admitted to a psychiatric…

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2nd Degree Sexual Assault: Probation

A middle-aged man was accused by his 16-year-old female neighbor of sexual assault.  The man’s family and girl’s family were long-time friends and neighbors for many years.  The man’s foster daughter was also friends with the female.  One day, while…

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Double Rape: Mistrial

Double Rape: Mistrial. A hardworking, Hispanic father with no criminal record was accused by two drug-abusing prostitutes of abduction, rape, and assault.   The two prostitutes did not know each other.  However, they were both separately abducted and assaulted on the…

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Fighting Indecent Exposure Charges

indecent exposure

Indecent exposure may seem harmless, but it can have real consequences. A person who commits it may face stiff penalties. These penalties could affect the rest of their life. It’s important to know what indecent exposure is. You should also…

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Indecent Exposure: Dismissed.

A man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure at a public beach. A teenage girl reported to police her observations of the man seated inside his vehicle parked in the beach lot. She claimed to have seen him masturbating…

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