Domestic Simple Assault: Dismissed

Domestic Violence Offenses

A Massachusetts woman was arrested and charged with domestic simple assault in Rhode Island for allegedly assaulting her husband. The husband is a contractor who was working on a job site. The wife discovered that her husband, who is responsible for the family’s finances, had not paid the mortgage on their home for several months. She tracked him down in Rhode Island to confront him on her discovery. He alleged that she punched him in the face, which prompted his call to police. Based solely on the man’s word, police charged and arrested his wife. She retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend her in this matter. Attorney Calcagni performed his own investigation and discovered that the woman had been in an abusive relationship with her husband for many years. There was a history of the husband mentally and physically abusing his wife. When she called police in the past leading to his many arrests, she always dropped the charges out of fear for herself as well as their children’s safety. Attorney Calcagni brought this information to the prosecution’s attention. He also claimed his client was innocent and the victim of a new form of abuse at the hands of her husband – his use of the justice system as a weapon against her. The prosecution agreed and at Attorney Calcagni’s recommendation, dismissed the case against his client.