John pulled through for my son and our family by helping to keep my son’s dreams and future alive

When my son first informed me that his Professor of Military Science (PMS) was processing disenrollment papers for him and that he was completely caught off guard by her decision, I knew right away he needed legal representation. He had already completed 3-1/2 years of college and Army ROTC. His goal to graduate as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army was only six months away. The PMS was preparing to disenrollment him for not graduating on time in accordance with his contractual date. He failed a class and needed another semester to complete it in order to graduate. My son changed his academic major and the Army approved the change, but did not grant him the additional time needed to complete college. Knowing my son, the grades he earned, and how much he wanted to become an Officer, I researched legal counsel and after researching and speaking with several attorneys, I found Attorney John L. Calcagni III.

Our family lives on the West coast and John resides on the East coast, but I knew I had to call him. I first spoke with someone on his staff. She was informative, supportive, and gathered a lot of information from me. This was my first indication this his team was the one we needed. John called us the next day and we had a three-way telephone conversation with my son. John gave his background, explained military disenrollment and a potential strategy going forward. There is nothing to unmask about John. He is forthright in his guidance to you and assistance to achieve the best outcome. If you are a Cadet or hold any position in the military and you find yourself in a legal situation and feel there is no way out, I recommend that you call John Calcagni. He will be there for you from beginning to end. You will not feel alone. John will do everything to make sure justice is done in your case and tell your side of the story. John pulled through for my son and our family by helping to keep my son’s dreams and future alive. I will always be grateful that I followed through and called John Calcagni and encourage others to do the same.