Testimonial for Army ROTC Cadet Disenrollment Case

As an Army ROTC Cadet, my family and I retained Military Civilian Defense Attorney, John L. Calcagni III, to assist me with a pending disenrollment action. Disenrollment was initiated against me for failing a urine drug test. The urinalysis result indicated that I used amphetamines. I have never used illegal drugs before and knew I was innocent. I researched many lawyers and found no others with John’s experience. My family and I hired him to assist me with this process. It was a stressful period of several months. During this time, John aided me with obtaining additional drug testing, polygraph examinations and even hired a forensic expert to assist with my case. He then helped me prepare for my disenrollment board by identifying and lining up my witnesses, assembling a packet of my evidence and preparing me to make a statement on my own behalf. John made this long and difficult process easier for us. His experience in front of the disenrollment board was outstanding and, most importantly, he made 100% sure I was fully prepared for this experience. Anytime I had questions, he was there to explain the process and provide detailed information. He answers every email and returns all calls in a timely manner. I would recommend Attorney Calcagni and his team to anyone with legal issues associated with the military and will certainly continue to rely upon them both now and in the future as needed.

Testimonial for Rhode Island Guns and Drugs Case

I was charged with possessing firearms in connection with drug trafficking. These charges came after police arrested me for purchasing marijuana valued at $200. I cooperated with police and admitted to buying the marijuana for my own personal use. I then consented to the police searching my apartment after I voluntarily and truthfully told them the guns were located there and registered in my name. Despite my honesty and cooperation, they seized my guns and marijuana and charged me with multiple felonies stemming from the same. I retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend me in this matter. Attorney Calcagni is the man! He helped me out big time by getting my charges and case dismissed. I strongly recommend him for any of your legal needs. I know who I will call if I ever need a criminal defense lawyer again. If you want the best on your side, I recommend that others do the same.

Testimonial by Victim in Rhode Island Assault and Robbery Case

I hired John Calcagni to represent me in a complicated criminal matter. However, I was not the defendant, I was the victim. While visiting the Twin Rivers Casino, I was accosted by a strange man while standing outdoors smoking a cigarette. He stole by designed handbag and ran off with my cash winnings. I reported this incident to casino security, but they were of little help. I also reported the matter to local police who simply took a report. In need of further help, I hired Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to advocate for my interests. He made the process very easy and non-intimidating for me. He immediately contacted police, obtained the police narrative from this incident and aided me with providing a statement. He also learned the identity of and contacted the young man who assaulted and robbed me. This led to the man returning the money he had stolen from my person. The man was unable to return the designed handbag because he claimed to have discarded it while fleeing from the casino. However, with John’s efforts, we were able to make the man pay restitution for my loss and guarantee that he was held accountable in the Rhode Island Criminal Justice System. John is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. He simplified this complex process for me. Throughout the process, John and his team were easy to contact and communicate with by phone, text and email. They explained the process to me well and always delivered as promised. John successfully resolved my case beyond all expectations and I could not be happier with his performance. I highly recommend to others in need and will not hesitate to hire him again if needed.

Testimonial in Massachusetts Illegal Wiretapping Case

I am a divorcee who still struggles to maintain relations with my ex-spouse who is also the parent of my son. While attending counseling sessions for the benefit of our son and during discussions regarding the same, I secretly recorded the conversations for my own protection. My ex-spouse inadvertently learned of my actions and reported them to police. As a result, I faced criminal charges and prosecution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Illegal Wiretapping. While some states have a one-party consent rule to recording conversations, Massachusetts does not. The Commonwealth requires the consent of both parties to record a conversation. Though I was unaware of this rule, ignorance of the law is not a legal defense. Faced with criminal charges and still battling my ex-spouse in Family Court over parental rights, I hired Attorney John L. Calcagni III and his team to defend me in the Wrentham District Court. After multiple court appearances on my behalf and tireless negotiations with both police and my ex-spouse, John finally persuaded the Court to dismiss an application for a criminal complaint against me.
I am pleased with John’s professionalism, legal services and the final outcome he and his team ultimately obtained on my behalf.

Testimonial in Federal Marijuana and Butane Honey Oil Case

I was indicted in United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island with Possession with Intent to Distribute Butane Honey Oil and Marijuana. The total quantities of drugs attributed to me by the government was between 1000 and 2000 kilograms. Both federal law and the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines recommended a lengthy jail sentence for my crimes.
Over a term of nearly two years, Attorney John L. Calcagni III and his team tirelessly worked on my case. After filing and losing a motion to suppress, John turned his attention to negotiating a plea agreement on my behalf with the government. I ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced, over the government’s objection, to a term of probation. This was a small miracle. John’s level of professionalism in second to none is unmatched. He left no stone untouched and did everything within his power to ensure that I received the very best possible outcome despite my unfortunate situation. This was not my first experience with the federal justice system of dealing with criminal defense attorneys, but it was by far the best of them all thanks to John. I could not be happier with the services he provided or the result that John obtained. To put it simply, John Calcagni and his firm are the best around.

Testimonial for Reckless Driving Case

Our family recently retained Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney, John L. Calcagni III, to represent our son in a Reckless Driving case in Rhode Island District Court. Our young son traveled from New Hampshire to Rhode Island one day with a group of buddies to go on a motor cycle ride. Apparently, there were more participants in the ride than our son was aware. The ride caused a disturbance to the public and peace. Police were contacted. As the motorcyclists gathered in a large parking area, police arrived to disperse the group. Many disrespectfully revved their engines and rode their bikes in a reckless manner in police presence. Many also evaded police who attempted to stop them. As our son sought to depart the area, police stopped and arrested him for Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Unfamiliar with Rhode Island and the state’s criminal justice system, we did not know where to turn. We eventually discovered Attorney John L. Calcagni III. After a lengthy phone consultation, we hired him immediately. John helped us navigate the court system and justice process. He explained the process thoroughly and after three visits to court, was successfully able to get my son’s case dismissed. John then went the extra steps to retrieve my son’s personal property from the arresting police department and sealed this matter from his record. I recommend him to anyone in need of legal help.

We cannot thank and commend John Calcagni highly enough his dedication to and accomplishment for our family

There are not enough stars to properly rate Attorney John L. Calcagni. We recently retained John for our son because we wanted a criminal defense lawyer with military experience. Our son, a senior cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy, was arrested in Rhode Island while home on holiday leave. He was arrested days before Christmas. Because we do not know anyone in Rhode Island and do not have any experience with lawyers or courts there, we were in a total panic. To ease our concerns, John returned our call right away, discontinued his Christmas shopping and met with us right away on Christmas Eve. John’s experience with the military and total understanding of the potential consequences to our son following his recent arrest and criminal charge was a blessing. John literally worked magic for our family by successfully having the case and charge against our son dismissed on the day of arraignment. The case has since been sealed from public record. Because of John’s efforts, our son will go on to graduate the Air Force Academy, commission as an Air Force Officer and attend fighter pilot school. We cannot thank and commend John Calcagni highly enough his dedication to and accomplishment for our family. We shall forever remain so grateful for this excellent lawyer! – AK, JK and Family.

I am comforted to know John will always be there for me and my family

As a professional woman, wife and mother, I never in a million years thought I need a criminal defense attorney. When the occasion presented itself, I frantically searched online for the best criminal defense attorney. We found Attorney John L. Calcagni III and decided to call him because of his extensive experience, excellent reviews and military background. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. John returned my call right away, explained the criminal justice process, agreed to take the case and rushed off to meet me at the courthouse. My husband had been arrested for firearm charges and initially held without bail on dangerousness grounds. John successfully represented him at a dangerousness hearing and secured his release. From there, John and his team have worked tirelessly to resolve my husband’s case. John is always working, day and night, weekdays and weekends and even on holidays. He is always accessible, if not in person, then by phone, text or email. His office staff is also super supportive. John explained all legal procedures in a very clear manner. He was excellent in responding to our questions and I certainly appreciate his no-bullshit attitude. I am very thankful to have met John his team. They ultimately resolved my husband’s case on the day of trial in manner that involved no jail and no criminal conviction. If ever you find yourself unexpectedly in need of a criminal defense lawyer, call John! While I hope to never require his services again, I am comforted to know John will always be there for me and my family – SD.

Attorney Calcagni and his staff go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcomed and to ensure they obtain the best possible result on each client’s behalf

I was referred to Attorney John L. Calcagni III at an all-time low in my life and when no one else seemed like they could possibly help. My family and I consulted with him and decided to hire him immediately. John is a dedicated criminal defense attorney who will travel anywhere to defend his clients. Attorney Calcagni and his staff go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcomed and to ensure they obtain the best possible result on each client’s behalf. John has a strong set of principles and a lot of experience from his time as an Army JAG Lawyer. He uses this experience to obtain the impossible in the courtroom. I was charged with Kidnapping and other serious offenses. John got my entire case dismissed. I would urge anyone who is facing a criminal charge to kindly consider hiring Attorney John L. Calcagni III – RR.

I could not be more pleased with the Attorney John L. Calcagni III taking on the stress and burden of my case and finally putting it to rest

After serving a total 20 years in the United States Army with four to go to become eligible for an active duty retirement, I faced administrative separation due to failing a urinalysis for benzodiazepine. The Army challenging the validity of my prescription, which I believed was a defense to a positive urinalysis. This issue dragged on for 2.5 years until I hired the Law Offices of John L. Calcagni III, Inc.  I was referred to Attorney Calcagni by an Officer in my unit who recommended him to me after having his own positive experience with John.   During my initial consultation with John, I immediately felt relief and security from the stress and agony experienced over the years.  John’s wide spectrum of knowledge on various topics became apparent to me in our first five minutes of conversation. That very day, he emailed me a homework list of what I needed to gather and we began preparing my defense in support of my request for retention.  John’s professionalism won me over as well.   Every email, text or phone call I made was returned immediately.  John returned my calls in between his court appearances, after work hours and even on weekends. His dedication to my case again was very assuring. I felt things were going to be ok from the time we agreed to work together.  John ended up writing a memorandum to my Command in the hopes of terminating my separation action without the need for a board.   Success in this regard was necessary for me to keep my full-time military employment.  John’s finished product was incredible.  As a result of his efforts, not only was I able to keep my full-time employment, by my entire separation case was dropped and thrown out.  All flags were removed and I reenlisted. I could not be more pleased with the Attorney John L. Calcagni III taking on the stress and burden of my case and finally putting it to rest. I fully support Attorney Calcagni and his team.  Without doubt, I would hire John again if needed and will be sure to recommend him to others. – SSG LC